Burning In

In her late twenties, Martine Hartmann moves from Sydney to New York to pursue her career as a photographer, leaving behind her mother Lotte, a holocaust survivor. Nine years later, Martine’s daughter Ruby goes missing in Central Park. Ruby’s disappearance throws Martine into an emotional struggle, which, in time allows her to understand Lotte’s anxieties and inhibitions, and to discover the act of abandonment at their heart.

Burning In is a beautifully written psychological novel, an extended meditation on grief and loss, which explores the long shadows cast by the past on the present, and the relationship between parental love and the imperatives of survival. The author has an extraordinary eye for detail, and an unerring feel for the rhythm of thought and feeling.

Giramondo Publishing, 2007

Shortlisted for:
Prime Minister’s Literary Award 2008
Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2008
Age Book of the Year Award 2008
Nita B. Kibble Award 2008
Longlisted Australia-Asia Literary Award 2008
Highly Commended Barbara Jefferis Award 2008



Giramondo Publishing


Juchau has a perfectly honed cadence that borders on the poetic and her ability to communicate complex emotions is faultless…

Johanna Leggatt, Sun Herald


…one of the finest and most original novels of the past few years…

Peter Pierce, Meanjin


The precise crafting of this novel… is a salutary reminder that in a good novel the writer is not only saying an important thing but also making a beautiful one.

Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald


Juchau writes in a quick impressionistic prose style, delivering short loaded sentences full of precision and insight….Juchau has entwined sensitive and overwhelming topics with immense grace…

Adam Rivett, Australian Book Review


The novel ranges fluently across continents and generations. Its title metaphor-of photographic prints given extra exposure to darken some areas-indicates the somber tone of an accomplished novel, yet one that reaches for the recovery of joy.

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards


Burning In is a psychological novel and its deep concern for motivation, and the subconscious impulses and inclinations that drive our actions, is what differentiates it from more conventional tales of creative expatriation.

Ella Mudie, PopMatters

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